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What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

A PEO, or professional employer organization, is an organization that allows businesses to outsource certain key human resource administration functions like payroll, benefits, and workers' compensation. PEOs can also give guidance to assist with maintaining compliance with federal and state employment laws. Your business and the PEO enter into a service contract known as a Client Service Agreement (CSA) that addresses the relationship between the business owner, the PEO, and the employees. Some PEOs also have strategic services, but not every PEO is alike, so it's important to research providers and compare their capabilities. Below is a list of services a PEO may provide for your business!

Payroll and Tax Filing
PEOs process payroll and, in some cases, can pay local, state, and federal employment taxes.

Human Resource Support
In many cases, a PEO has HR professionals who provide human resource services and support. If you already have an in-house HR person or team, the PEO partners work with them strategically and administratively.

PEOs typically have compliance experts who can help you protect your business from fines and penalties. Their expertise may include payroll tax law and reporting requirements, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, hiring, and HR compliance.

Risk and Safety
In addition to workers' compensation insurance, PEOs sometimes provide safety audits and training programs to help you limit claims. They may also assist with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections.

Benefits Administration
Your service contract with a PEO often comes with access to high-quality, cost-effective health insurance, dental care, retirement benefits, and other employee perks. The PEO will usually handle the employee enrollment for these benefits and process claims for you.

Working with a Professional Employer Organization has many advantages, including saving time, saving money, having peace of mind, and improving administrative functions. Learn more about the services we offer as a PEO at

SimpleHR is a Great Place to Work

Each year, employers across Florida wait for Florida Trend Magazine to release a highly anticipated list featuring the "Best Companies to Work for in Florida." This honor brings to light those companies with great cultures, and for the fifth year, SimpleHR was named to this prestigious list.

SimpleHR President Bill Lindsley puts his team at the forefront of this honor, stating, "Our team is once again honored, for the fifth time, to be recognized as a best company to work for in Florida. This award belongs to our team of dedicated professionals and is a tangible recognition of their tireless efforts to deliver only the very best client experience. I am immensely proud of our team and for the opportunity to share this award with them." Read More

The annual "Best Companies to Work For In Florida" list featured in Florida Trend Magazine ranks 100 companies in small, medium, and large employer categories. Companies that chose to participate underwent evaluation of their workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. The process also included a survey to measure employee satisfaction.

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), SimpleHR values its greatest resource - its people. There are no shortcuts in the quest for the best workplace in Florida, and SimpleHR backs this up with a robust benefits package and a focus on healthy work/life balances resulting in its productive and engaged team.

"On June 1st, I started my new position in Accounting at SimpleHR and immediately knew this is a company I want to stay at for as long as possible! Accepting this position has been a real career move for me, and I am so excited!" - Rhiannon S.

For a complete list of companies honored, visit

Recognizing Burnout in Employees

Balancing the stress of work, personal life, home responsibilities, and so much more can take a toll on your employees. To help your employees manage all of the work on their plates, we suggest that employers look for signs of burnout and proactively work to combat workplace burnout in their organizations. Read More

Signs of Burnout
No leaders want their employees to feel burnt out on the job, but how do you know if your team members feel this way? Here are a few red flags to look out for:

Decrease in productivity and quality of work.
Has someone on your team recently been less efficient, lacking motivation, or rushing through their tasks? Maybe it's time to evaluate their stress level. If you notice employees making more mistakes, not performing as well as they once did, or not working to the best of their ability, they may be experiencing burnout.

An increase in sick days.
If your team members need an increased amount of personal time for illnesses, it's time to check-in. Often burnout can lead to physical ailments such as fatigue, headaches, and stomachaches.

A negative attitude.
If you notice a drastic attitude change in your employees, consider adjusting their workload or responsibilities. One cause of employee burnout is an overwhelming amount of work or tasks that do not align with what an employee seeks to get out of their position. Addressing the attitude change head-on is the best way to uncover the root cause and make adjustments as needed.

What You Can Do to Help
If you've recognized signs of employee burnout, you must address them. Here's how you cannot only combat burnout but also stop it before it occurs.

One-on-one meetings.
A regular check-in with each employee can do wonders for your business. This simple meeting where you give your team members undivided attention shows that you value what they bring to your business and that hearing what they have to say is valuable. This meeting allows for an opportunity to ask employees for feedback, check-in on their mental state, and ensure they have the resources they need to succeed in their position.

Encourage breaks and time off.
Some employees need more convincing than others to take time off. Sometimes, team members will push back and say they will fall behind with work if they take a vacation, sick days, or even a lunch hour. Create a culture where taking breaks and using vacation time is the norm, not the exception. Don't forget that the best way to encourage employees to take time for themselves is to lead by example. As a leader, make sure you lead by example and make your mental health a priority.

Set goals.
Working together with your team members to develop clear expectations is one of the best ways to counter burnout. By coming together to set goals, you give your workers buy-in to their objectives, keeping your team motivated and stimulated.

If you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do for your business, we can help. Call us today at 850-650-9935 to discover how our team of human resources professionals can take some of your tasks off of your plate, allowing you to focus on the parts of your business that you love!

22 HR Tips for 2022 & Beyond

Here are 22 human resources tips to take into the new year to ensure you are attracting talent, providing for your employees, and setting your company up for success.

Be flexible with your employees.
In today's workplace environment, employees are looking for flexibility! As businesses continue to hire new team members, keep in mind that people value having flexibility in the workplace. Companies that adapt to ever-changing employee needs will attract and retain the best talent. Read More

Develop & promote internally.
Invest in your staff to flex into leadership roles over time. Set measurable objectives for your team where your employees can develop their skills.

Collaborate with frontline managers.
Frontline managers know better than anyone what the department needs are. Work closely with managers to learn more about workflow and to develop new ideas.

Know your people.
You must know your staff on a professional and personal level (with some discretion). Leaders need to be familiar with their team's strengths and weaknesses to provide their staff with the tools they need to perform successfully.

Give underperforming workers a legitimate chance to improve.
Turn employee performance around using a performance improvement plan with measurable goals and expectations. Not only can it redirect employees on the right path, but it can also demonstrate an employer's good faith in counseling employee performance.

Write an employee contract.
Ensure all expectations are laid out in writing to avoid confusion and misunderstandings between the employer and employees.

Invest in Strategic HR.
Training and professional development are important to employees, especially the millennial generation. Career development is an effective way to recruit and retain talent. Training the talent already in your organization is a win-win for your company and the employee.

Start onboarding before day one.
PRE-Boarding is just as crucial as ON-boarding. Be sure to communicate with your new hires before they start. Send them an introduction via phone call or text on what to expect in the next couple of weeks to make your employee feel welcomed & excited to join the team. This little extra touch goes a long way!

Communicate new policies.
Do your employees know your company rules and expectations? Be sure to update your team with the policies relevant to today's workplace landscape.

Provide mentor opportunities.
Mixing and matching different generations on teams allows members to learn from one another while expanding their skill sets and leadership capabilities.

Prioritize employee wellness.
Your employees' wellness can vastly affect their engagement at work. Happy, healthy employees are less stressed, more focused, and more present at work.

Stay transparent.
Whether you communicate with potential hires or current employees, honesty and transparency about expectations will save time and effort for everyone involved.

Share the "why" behind decision-making.
Telling your team members how you came to a particular conclusion will help build trust and buy-in, when your employees are aware of the "why," they often feel more comfortable with the decisions.

Address unspoken questions.
Even if no one has brought up a particular matter, address the elephant in the room. Dancing around uncomfortable topics hinders progress and deters the team from finding solutions to the problem.

Define your culture.
Company culture is an essential aspect for job seekers, and it's essential for you too! Defining your culture will help you assess whether a hire will be a good fit for your organization.

Think twice about using AI.
While utilizing artificial intelligence and automation can be beneficial, make sure it does not diminish the level of service your customers expect from your organization. Remember, nothing beats human-to-human communication!

Create engaging job titles.
Job titles convey not only the job itself but the experience and skills needed to do it. To create exceptional job titles, be specific and clear, keep it short, include keywords, and use job descriptions to get creative.

Review your job descriptions.
The pandemic probably created significant changes in your workplace. Make it a point to review job descriptions annually. Include your staff to ensure their job responsibilities are up-to-date and reflect their duties.

Beware of employee burnout.
If you are not careful, employee disengagement and burnout can sneak up on you. To combat disengagement, make work-life balance part of your culture, screen for potential burnout, and check-in with employees often.

Money is not everything.
If you cannot offer the highest wage, offer more attractive benefit packages. Offering benefits for employee dependents, retirement plans, flexible schedules, and paid time off will help attract and retain talent.

Meaningful recognition does not have to be expensive.
Never assume your employees believe they are appreciated. You can give praise to your staff by assigning meaningful tasks, giving a personal thank you, or offering PTO and permission to use it! Employees love to know that management appreciates them on a day-to-day basis rather than a one-time occurrence during their performance evaluation.

Outsource your human resources.
A full-time human resource services director could cost your company $60,000-$100,000 per year or more. A Human Resource Outsourcing provider can cost considerably less. For more information on how our team can help you, give us a call today at 850-650-9935.

Artificial Intelligence or Actual Intelligence?

Employees are your most valuable resources. Taking care of their needs and concerns is imperative. However, when you turn to a human resources professional for assistance, it is frustrating to end up speaking to a robot, automated chatbot, or other form of artificial intelligence.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence helps our society, but it remains true that there is nothing better than communicating human to human. At SimpleHR, robots are not on our payroll! You will always speak with one of our team members directly, and here is why: Read More

Faster, Most Effective Solutions
Your time is valuable! You don't have the time to continuously "press 1" in the hope of talking to someone about your concerns. We focus on your human resources needs so you can focus on building your business. By ensuring our clients speak with a human rather than a robot, we prove that we are committed to providing solutions in the most efficient way possible.

Tailored Service
Your industry or business may have a unique issue that needs attention. Your questions are best answered by dedicated human resource professionals. Artificial intelligence cannot comprehend customers' individual needs, and our tailored service is not something we are willing to compromise. At all levels of our operations, we provide quality services that meet or exceed the initial and ongoing needs and expectations of our clients and employees. Simply put, our mission is to maintain the highest standards in all that we do for you.

The one area where human intelligence always outshines artificial intelligence is innovation. Our team can pivot when needed and evolve as our customers' needs change. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen the need for flexibility and modernization throughout the HR sector. Our team quickly adapted and responded to the new demands of the industry. We are always ready to meet your individual, changing needs. Through continuous improvement of our operations, we seek to assure our clients' and employees' continued success and prosperity.

If you seek human resources services that keep humans at the center of your business, we are here to help. Contact us at 850-650-9935 to get started.

What is a PEO and Why Should You Work with One?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides comprehensive human resources solutions for small and mid-size businesses. If you are a business owner, chances are you need expert advice and guidance when it comes to employee payroll, benefits, tax administration, and regulatory compliance - especially these days! Trending human resource topics such as security, employee engagement, managing a remote workforce, and crisis preparation are not tasks you need to take on alone, and developing a relationship with a local PEO is a step in the right direction. Read More

A PEO is more than a partner, and the right PEO will positively impact your bottom line. According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), "small businesses that work with a PEO grow 7% to 9% faster, have employee turnover that is 10% to 14% lower and are 50% less likely to go out of business. The return on investment of using a PEO, in costs savings alone is 27.3%". Businesses focused on productivity and profitability greatly benefit from engaging a PEO.

Small to mid-size businesses benefit from a PEO's connections and relationships, allowing access to large-business employee benefits like 401(k) plans, medical, dental, and more moving a business into a more competitive space when attracting top talent.

Are you ready to work with a PEO? Click to send us a message!

Governor DeSantis Ends Additional Federal Unemployment Subsidy

In an effort to return to normal work conditions, beginning on May 29, 2021, Floridians claiming unemployment benefits must search for jobs to continue to receive unemployment benefits. Pre-pandemic Florida law will go back into effect as of this date. Anyone seeking unemployment benefits must contact five employers each week in order to receive unemployment benefits. Read More

Several U.S. states are taking actions to encourage the unemployed to find work amid labor shortages. Governors in 22 states have already withdrawn from the federal unemployment benefits. On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis' administration officially announced that Florida is also withdrawing from the federal pandemic assistance program that offered a $300.00 per-week boost to state unemployment benefits. The supplemental Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program payment will end June 26, 2021.

The announcement comes after the labor department said April labor statistics showed private sector employment increased by 18,800 jobs and more than 460,000 online job postings were available throughout the state. This is good news for the Panhandle businesses who are struggling to fill openings due to the combined state and federal benefit amount exceeding the amount earned regularly by employees.

As Florida's employers are seeing employment growth, The Department of Economic Development Secretary, Dane Eagle said, "Transitioning away from this benefit will help meet the demands of small and large businesses that are ready to hire and expand their workforce."

SimpleHR prioritizes the management of unemployment claims at all times. We have placed emphasis on assisting eligible employees to gain unemployment wages during the pandemic while also preventing fraud, misuse and misrepresentation for our clients. We explore all claims with particular attention to those that refused an offer of employment and those who opted to remain on unemployment when recalled to work.

Consider Us a Resource

When you outsource your human resource responsibilities to SimpleHR, we manage your greatest resource - your employees. For over 18 years, SimpleHR has served this community as the most trusted professional employee management company in our area. We are dedicated to providing our clients with human resource solutions, payroll administration, benefits, and the highest standards of customer service.

Are you ready to focus on the core of your business? Start by exploring services with a SimpleHR expert!

Why You Should Invite a SimpleHR Professional to Speak to Your Group

  1. SimpleHR Knows the HR Industry
    Do your employees ask you questions about compliance, benefits, retirement savings plans, insurance, etc. that you aren't quite sure about? SimpleHR can help! If you arrange a day for one of our HR professionals to speak to your organization, you (and your employees) can prepare to ask any HR questions you may have. This gives your employees the chance to hear from an accredited experienced professional and gives you the opportunity to redirect questions that are not related to your core services to another qualified individual.
Read More
  1. Provide Education that Lowers Expenses
    According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organization (NAPEO), the average business experiences a 27.2% return on investment after choosing to outsource to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) over hiring an in-house HR employee. The estimate is based on calculating cost savings for PEO clients in the following five HR-related areas:
    • HR personnel costs;
    • Health benefits;
    • Workers' compensation;
    • Unemployment insurance; and
    • Other external expenditures in areas related directly to HR services (payroll services, benefits, etc.)
    If you arrange a day for one of our HR professionals to speak to your organization, you (and your employees) can prepare to ask any HR questions you may have. This gives your employees the chance to hear from an accredited experienced professional and gives you the opportunity to redirect questions that are not related to your core services to another qualified individual.
  2. Help Your Employees Feel Valued
    Employees will recognize that you care about their questions/concerns by providing them with an experienced and accredited HR professional that can clarify confusion or give them the answers they have been seeking. Help your employees understand their RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES! If you arrange a day for one of our HR professionals to speak to your organization, you (and your employees) can prepare to ask any HR questions you may have. This gives your employees the chance to hear from an accredited experienced professional and gives you the opportunity to redirect questions that are not related to your core services to another qualified individual.
The bottom line? "PEOs help retain employees" (source: NAPEO)

SimpleHR professionals allow you to focus on your business's core mission, while also complying with state and federal laws. Are you ready to invite a SimpleHR professional to speak to your business, organization, association, or group?

COVID-19 Resources and Reconstituted Payroll Protection Program

During times of uncertainty, we understand that providing our clients and their employees with up-to-date, accurate, and timely information related to COVID-19 and its effect is of the utmost importance. At SimpleHR, our goal is to positively impact your business, and at the onset of COVID in 2020, our team launched a digital COVID-19 response and Employer/Employee resource page to serve as a home base for critical pieces of information. Read More

"SimpleHR pushed out small business resources timely, professionally, and efficiently via email and webinars. Couldn't have asked for anything more from this team!"

Our clients responded to the addition of this page and the ongoing support they received throughout the many changes brought on by COVID-19 and we've listened and adapted to continue providing information and resources along the way.

"Timely information and outstanding support. My point of contact, Stephanie, is awesome!"

"Would like to applaud your team in providing top notch customer service all the time (not just during this unprecedented time). Your approach surpasses any corporate HR entity"

Once you visit the COVID-19 Response and Resource page, you'll notice a link to the new PPP guidance issued by the Small Business Administration. This resource is offered to you as a starting point for questions and concerns pertaining to the second round of PPP.

The Payroll Protection Program, widely known as PPP, was recently reconstituted by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). While your business may have applied for and received the first round of PPP loans, one major change is that Second Draw Loans are now available to businesses that previously received a PPP loan.

Fresh PPP loans are available to first-time borrowers from the following groups:

  • Businesses with 500 or fewer employees that are eligible for other SBA 7(a) loans.
  • Sole proprietors, independent contractors, and eligible self-employed individuals.
  • Not-for-profits, including churches.
  • Accommodation and food services operations (those with North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes starting with 72) with fewer than 300 employees per physical location.

As with PPP1, the costs eligible for loan forgiveness in PPP2 include payroll, rent, covered mortgage interest, and utilities. For more information and full details on the PPP loans visit the U.S. Treasury website and the Small Business Administration's page on the PPP Second Draw Loans. If you are unsure where to begin, we will be happy to connect you to a SimpleHR expert!

"Julia went above and beyond to help us get all the paperwork and data needed to receive our PPP loan. She is a rock star!"

SimpleHR professionals are working tirelessly for you and we are available to answer your questions and provide our absolute best guidance. We are honored to be the trusted resource for all of your employee management needs. We know that together, we will overcome whatever obstacles come our way.

Our Resources are Human

In recent years, workplace culture has emerged as a critical differentiator for companies when recruiting, hiring, and maintaining employees. Most employers will agree that employees can make or break your business. Happiness ranks high in positive work culture environments and happy employees appreciate consistency in the workplace – either in the office or at home. Read More

Culture and workplace happiness is not just dependent on the state-of-mind of your employees; your company must also run smoothly. Senior management is expected to be organized while keeping a full plate and building the business. We don't have to tell you – that is no easy task. You are focused on the vision and execution of your business, so responsibilities like payroll management, benefits, tax and regulatory compliance, and workers' compensation should be delegated to employee management experts.

This is where SimpleHR comes in. Our staff of professionals are your best resource. We combine our unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and responsiveness to help businesses like yours flourish. Gone are the days when you are expected to manage your employees alone. Just like your business, the professionals at SimpleHR represent the highest standard for customer service for their customers. We are local and live in your awesome community. We are passionate about the resources, tools, and services you receive as our client. We help you through tough times and celebrate your wins with you.

Consider Us a Resource

When you outsource your human resource responsibilities to SimpleHR, we manage your greatest resource - your employees. For over 18 years, SimpleHR has served this community as the most trusted professional employee management company in our area. We are dedicated to providing our clients with human resource solutions, payroll administration, benefits, and the highest standards of customer service.

From day one, your SimpleHR Payroll Coordinator serves as a single dedicated point of contact for your payroll processing. Together, with a wide range of professional experience on staff, we help manage the complicated process from employee on-boarding to separation and everything in between. Our effectiveness and efficiency translate into your growth and success!

Are you ready to focus on the core of your business? Start by exploring services with a SimpleHR expert!

* SimpleHR provides HR assistance as a Client benefit. This assistance is provided by an HR professional as general information and is not a substitute for legal advice.