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SimpleHR takes the headaches out of onboarding new employees with comprehensive enrollment services. Our Human Resource team provides various onboarding methods designed to meet your company's individual hiring needs through SimpleENROLL. Right from the start the SimpleENROLL team helps to make the process of hiring employees or completing initial sign up easier by providing enrollment packets, on-site sign up, enrollment at our corporate office or the use of our electronic onboarding program.

The Human Resource specialists at SimpleHR don't just process paperwork; we also take care of all the details that will help you remain compliant as an employer. From the use of up-to-date employment forms, review of employee packets for accuracy, state mandated new hire reporting, Social Security number validation, eVerify, direct deposit or pay card setup, to providing and facilitating drug screening and background checks the SimpleENROLL team has got your enrollment needs covered.


Initial Sign Up

Whether you are a new business just starting up or an existing business looking to streamline your human resource and payroll needs, as a SimpleHR client we are with you every step of the way to ensure enrollment of your employees is efficient, effective and timely. During the sign up process, the SimpleENROLL team will coordinate with you to provide the best option for onboarding your employees.

Onboarding Services

As a SimpleHR client you may send your new employees directly to our office and we will complete the new hire process for you. The SimpleHR corporate office is equipped with enrollment facilities and staff to provide Onboarding Services to both new employees and re-hire processing for seasonal staff. For clients requiring drug testing, the drug test facility is located conveniently by our office so employees may complete the entire onboarding process in one visit.

Electronic Onboarding

New Hire paperwork may also be completed and submitted to SimpleHR through the SimpleENROLL electronic hire program that is included in our Web Payroll site. This program allows employees to complete their new hire packet remotely and allows you to review and complete the signing process online for the I-9 form. Upon receipt of the electronically submitted packet, the SimpleENROLL team processes the packet and provides confirmation to you's that Simple!