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Simplify Your Business

Managing an organization is a full time commitment and your top priority. Administrative responsibilities, vast amounts of paperwork, government compliance and detailed accounting can be overwhelming and rob you of valuable time and money. SimpleHR can relieve this complicated burden. We focus on your human resources needs so you can focus on building your business.


Human Resources

Spend more time running your business and not worrying about the ever changing labor laws and regulations. See how our certified human resource professionals work to protect your business.


SimpleHR's payroll experts have the knowledge of all applicable laws that govern compensation. Our professionals effectively administer your payroll, report your payroll taxes and deliver timely paychecks to your employees.


Healthcare Reform has caused many changes to how plans may be structured. Fortunately, we have a Certified Healthcare Specialist on staff that brings many years of knowledge and experience to the table and remains up-to-date with current and new laws.

Risk Management

Our risk management specialists at SimpleHR allow you peace of mind knowing that both you and your employees are protected. Let us help you to identify potential hazards and minimize your risks.