Simplify Time and Attendance

SimpleHR Time

SimpleHR Time is a robust system that calculates and organizes time and attendance data for payroll automatically and efficiently thereby eliminating payroll hour calculations and tedious time card related tasks. With real-time access to employee time, SimpleHR Time gives you tools to proactively manage labor expenditures. Time records and audit records are automatically stored for future access. To request a demonstration of the time and attendance system or to find out how to add SimpleHR Time to your current services, contact your Payroll Coordinator or Account Representative.

  • Time clock or computer clocking options available*
  • Real-time access to time worked
  • Monitor labor and proactively manage overtime
  • Eliminate costly calculation errors
  • Built in job and department costing
  • Piecework and tips entry
  • PTO, Sick and Holiday time used
  • Timesheet approvals for multi-location / department organizations
  • Audit and Time Reports
  • Installation, training and support included

*some fees apply


Customizable and Scalable

SimpleHR Time is customized to meet the needs of your business through use of optional features such as Time Sheet Approvals, Piecework, automatic paid Holidays, job and department costing and other time saving features. Our implementation team will review your time and attendance needs and recommend the features required to accomplish your time keeping goals. Once installed, adding new locations or additional employees can be done simply and easily.

Training and Support

Our SimpleHR team provides installation services, training, documentation and support. We are here to help you get the most out of the time system.

Real-Time Management

Time managers utilize the Administrative Console to monitor, review and approve time for payroll processing. The Admin Console includes quick access features to view clocked in employees, the current days' work time and provides access to system reports. Real-time access and convenient email notifications allow your management team to proactively manage workforce hours and overtime expenditures.